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Maintaining a Healthy Delray Smile

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Oral hygiene is key to keeping your mouth healthy and looking sharp. Great oral hygiene can prevent decay and cavities, as well as protect your gums from periodontal disease. At Zarina Staller Dentistry, we promote the importance of excellent oral hygiene as a factor in proactive care.

We provide preventive dental services that allow us to intervene early and stop dental issues before they become a problem. This saves you from having to undergo complicated, costly procedures in the future and promotes oral health in a positive way.

Once you’ve gotten the perfect smile, our general dentistry services will help you maintain it. Dr. Staller and her team will teach you the best ways to care for your smile, including proper brushing and flossing techniques and other at-home care.

When you visit our office, we take the standard hygiene appointment you’d get at any dental office and elevate it. Now, you’re getting the care you deserve with the thorough examinations, screenings, and recommendations of a dentist with years of experience and advanced dental training. We provide comprehensive imaging and diagnostic tools to accurately ensure your smile is working effectively.

If it’s been years or just a few weeks since your last dental appointment, our gentle dental services are the perfect option for your smile. If you have any concerns about your oral health, we’ll evaluate your smile and develop a plan that quickly corrects issues and sets you on the path for preventive care in the future.

Find the smile you’ve been looking for with general dentistry from Zarina Staller Dentistry in Delray Beach.

Comprehensive Exams

Our comprehensive exams allow us to evaluate your current oral health and discuss your at-home care routine. We recommend getting comprehensive exams every six months for most patients, though we may perform them more frequently for patients at risk of complications such as gum disease or decay. Examinations are vital to early detection and intervention, and they provide an opportunity to discuss your habits and goals for your smile.

Oral Cancer Screenings

We all know how important cancer screenings are, which is why Dr. Staller recommends receiving a dental screening for oral cancer as part of your total health and wellness. The earlier abnormal tissue is detected, the more positive the treatment, so don’t skip this life-saving step! Tobacco and alcohol use increase the risk factor, though anyone can develop the disease. We use visual and manual detection methods, along with Vizilite technology, to screen for oral cancer. Vizilite is a harmless, painless method of seeking abnormal tissues within the mouth, that uses a blue fluorescent light and aids the dentist in accurate diagnoses.


Dr. Staller is an artist and believes in the power of photographs. Pictures are one of the best ways to see what’s happening below the surface where the eye can’t detect. Our digital x-rays are high-resolution, providing accurate, detailed images of your current oral situation. Compared to traditional x-rays using film, digital x-rays expose you to less radiation and are easier to share. We want you to see exactly what is happening so you can make an informed decision about your care, and our digital x-rays do exactly that, as well as increasing the chances of early detection of complications.


Dental hygiene is at the core of great oral health. Our hygiene appointments focus on prophylaxis, the fancy name for professional dental cleanings. During this deep clean, the hygienist will remove plaque and tartar from between the teeth and on the enamel surface, brightening your smile and keeping it healthy. We use Cavitron, Piezo, and other sonic scalers to ensure a thorough cleaning. We also stress the importance of infection control, sterilizing every piece of reusable equipment and following all OSHA, EPA, and CDC recommendations. The care you take at home is just as important as the services the doctor performs and should be thoroughly understood. That’s why we emphasize home-cleaning routines – from how to brush and floss, to the toothbrush you should use – and are happy to answer any questions and make adjustments to your home-care habits.

Periodontal Therapy

Adults over 35 suffer more tooth loss as a result of gum disease than any other dental complication. Gum disease is caused primarily by plaque bacteria, a sticky, colorless film that adheres to the teeth and can harden if not removed. If left untreated, plaque forms tartar, and you may find your gums swelling, becoming red, or even bleeding as the teeth separate from the gums and deteriorate. Good oral hygiene habits are key to prevention, but some genetic and lifestyle factors also cause the development of periodontal issues. Our intervention is necessary, and we have several techniques to stop the progression of gum disease, including periodontal maintenance, gum disease therapy, laser therapy, and Arestin antibiotic applied to the gum pockets.

Fluoride Treatments

Do you have sensitive teeth? Do you experience pain when adjusting to temperature changes from hot or cold foods? Fluoride treatments can help. When essential minerals are lost from the teeth, the enamel may become sensitive or weakened. Fluoride restores these minerals and is important to warding off decay. We offer fluoride treatments to adults as needed, so don’t hesitate to discuss the benefits of fluoride with us during your next visit!


You’ve got a beautiful smile, so be sure to protect it! Whether your child is an athlete, or you experience nighttime grinding and clenching, known as bruxism, we have mouthguards to keep your smile safe. Our custom-fit sports mouthguards are perfect for children who need extra protection of their developing teeth during activities. We also offer comfortable nightguards for patients who grind their teeth in their sleep, staving off excess wear and tear on your teeth.

Dental Sealants

It seems to always start with a little decay. Dental sealants are a proactive approach to halting decay in its tracks. Using a tooth-colored acrylic, Dr. Staller will apply the sealant to the surface of the tooth, “sealing” the deep grooves of the enamel, adding a protective barrier to areas of the tooth that regular brushing and flossing can’t reach. Sealants are quick to apply and are durable – many last several years under regular use before reapplication is required.

Emergency Care

There’s nothing fun about a dental emergency. They’re inconvenient, sometimes painful, and often unexpected. However, as a courtesy to all our current patients, we try to schedule any emergency dental procedures the very same day you call. Dr. Staller will personally attend to your needs, and we want to get you back on track as soon as possible, with as little disruption to your day as possible.

Dental patient testimonials


After having two different consultations with other doctors that recommended between 8 to 10 porcelain veneers for my cosmetic case, Dr. Staller told me something that I never expected to hear! She only recommended 4 porcelain veneers as a conservative approach! She told me my teeth are extremely healthy and the other teeth only needed minor adjustments. Here I was looking for somebody to give me the best price on 10. What really convinced me to go with Dr Staller were her final words: “Let’s try a conservative approach and if you not happy with the results we can always do the rest of the teeth”. Sure enough…her confidence with my treatment paid off! It’s been a year since she did my 4 veneers and nobody can tell! They look extremely natural and I’m thankful that she didn’t need to do anything else! I always heard Dr Staller was conservative but I wasn’t sure what that meant until I met her! I’m very happy I found her!!

New Procedures

Infection control has always been a top priority for our practice and you may have seen this during your visits to our office. Our infection control processes are made so that when you receive care, it’s both safe and comfortable. We want to tell you about the infection control procedures we follow in our practice to keep patients and staff safe.Our infection control processes are made so that when you receive care, it’s both safe and comfortable. We want to tell you about the infection control procedures we follow in our practice to keep patients and staff safe.

Our office follows infection control recommendations made by the American Dental Association (ADA), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and  Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We follow the activities of these agencies so that we are up-to-date on any new rulings or guidance that may be issued.

You will notice several changes when you next visit our office. We have made these changes to protect you and our staff:

  • We will reach out to you before your appointment and ask pointed screening questions. When you arrive we will ask you those same questions again.
  • Everyone entering the office will be asked to sanitize their hands upon arrival. We will provide hand sanitizer or access to soap.
  • Appointments are being scheduled to allow for social distancing between patients. That might mean you are offered fewer options when scheduling your appointment.
  • We are allowing greater time between patients to give us the ability to thoroughly clean and disinfect the office.
  • We may ask any companions accompanying you to remain outside the office during your visit in order