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Vitality and Functionality Restored to Delray Beach Smiles

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A complete, functioning smile is the desired result of any dental treatment. We offer restorative dental care to ensure your smile stays healthy and works just like it’s supposed to. An improperly functioning mouth can affect the way you chew, bite, and speak, and can also diminish your confidence and impact your total health.

Our restorative dentistry services combine aesthetic with functionality, which means every restoration we perform is as close to your natural appearance as possible. Whether you’re replacing a lost tooth or removing decay from an affected tooth, we’ll always make sure your restoration blends in with your natural teeth. We perfectly match the color of your enamel, and all our prosthetic replacements look like real teeth.

Combatting decay is important to your oral health, as untreated decay can lead to infection and disease. When decay is detected, it’s crucial to remove it as soon as possible, before it becomes a larger complication. Don’t let decay take control of your oral health. We can stop it before it spreads with a simple filling or onlay restoration. Don’t lose your teeth to dental decay!

No matter what you need, we’ll stay with you each step of the process. You’ll always be with the team you trust and we can monitor your progress and ensure your restoration is just right. We’ll even teach you the proper way to care for your restoration so that you’ll have your beautiful new smiles for years.

Find the smile that nature intended you have with restorative dentistry services from Zarina Staller Dentistry.


Dental fillings are one of the most common restorations performed by dentists. The procedure is quick and easy, and we’ll have you back to your usual routine in no time. Dr. Staller will remove the decayed area of the tooth’s enamel and restore it with a tooth-colored composite material that will be unnoticeable and functional. You’ll be able to use your teeth normally in very little time after the procedure, and any irritation or pain from the decay will cease. We’ll ensure you’re comfortable throughout the procedure, and you’ll be amazed as how simple this common restoration is.

Porcelain Inlays/Porcelain Onlays

There are some cases where the area of decay may be too large to restore with a traditional filling. In these circumstances, Dr. Staller may recommend an inlay or onlay restoration. Made from porcelain, these restorations enhance the strength of your teeth, and are more structurally sound than traditional composite fillings. If you have old silver fillings, we can replace them using onlay restorations as well. Onlays extend over the cusps of the teeth to the gum line, while inlays cover the biting surface of the tooth up to the cusps. Ask us if inlay or onlay restorations are right for your current situation!


Dental crowns are little “cap-like” restorations that fit over the surface of the tooth above the gum line to protect and strengthen weakened teeth. Often, teeth that have received endodontic therapy (root canals) will require a crown restoration. We use a lab equipped with CEREC technology to perfect every crown we create, and ensure it looks natural and matches your healthy teeth exactly.

We also offer zirconia crowns, which are crafted from the strongest material used in dentistry, making them incredibly durable. We’ll determine if you’re better suited for a traditional porcelain crown or zirconia crown, depending on which tooth or teeth require restoration.

Dental bridges replace missing teeth by using the adjacent natural teeth as anchors for a prosthetic. A dental bridge is a fixed appliance, meaning it stays in place permanently, using dental crowns bonded to the natural teeth. Dental bridges help take the increased stress off your remaining teeth and keep your mouth healthy. All our bridges and crowns are metal-free.

Implant Retained Dentures

Looking for an alternative to traditional dentures? We offer All-on-Four implant-retained dentures, where we use just four dental implants to support the arch of your new teeth. These prosthetics are permanent, so you never have to worry about embarrassing slips, uncomfortable friction, or a misaligned fit. We ensure your implant-retained dentures are comfortable and fit perfectly. Because they are held in place by dental implants, they are better for your bones by halting deterioration caused by tooth loss. You deserve a smile that’s beautiful and complete – Find out if implant-retained dentures are the solution for your missing teeth.

Crown Implants

If you’ve had dental implants placed, you’ll need the most natural-looking, outstanding crown restoration in town. That’s when you turn to Dr. Staller and her team. Dr. Staller can create a customized dental crown to be bonded to your implant, which will match your existing teeth and function like natural. You’ll be amazed at how well implant restorations blend in with the rest of your smile, and over time, you’ll even forget they aren’t your natural teeth. Crowns from Zarina Staller Dentistry are durable and can be made from either porcelain or zirconia. There’s a level of unsurpassed skill and artistry in matching the crown to your natural teeth in shape and color, and Dr. Staller has just that.

Dental patient testimonials


I live in Atlanta and had a wedding to go in Florida over weekend. I didn’t get the chance to do my cleaning and bleaching so I would feel better about myself before my best friend’s wedding. I knew it was going to be almost impossible to find a dentist to do this right away! I was hesitant because they always ask you for full mouth x rays, exam consultation first! I never expected that she had such an amazing team that in less than an hour they got the x rays from my dentist in Atlanta and got me that same day and two hours later I was like a brand new man! Ready to get in time for the wedding and have a good impression! The entire office was a first class operation! I highly recommend Dr. Staller and her staff!