Composite veneers are similar to traditional porcelain veneers in the way they improve the appearance of your smile and correct imperfections in your teeth. However, this method uses composite resin instead of dental ceramic, and the process is a little different – though still comfortable. Unlike porcelain veneers, which are applied in a single sheet, composite veneers are layered onto the surface of the tooth and then sculpted to create a natural aesthetic. This option is excellent for patients with chipping or discoloration of the natural enamel and is just one of many offerings for smile enhancement. Another major benefit to this option is the convenience. It’s done in one visit and at a lower cost than traditional veneers. Dr. Staller has gone through extensive training to be able to offer this service to her patients.

Dental patient testimonials


I live in Atlanta and had a wedding to go in Florida over weekend. I didn’t get the chance to do my cleaning and bleaching so I would feel better about myself before my best friend’s wedding. I knew it was going to be almost impossible to find a dentist to do this right away! I was hesitant because they always ask you for full mouth x rays, exam consultation first! I never expected that she had such an amazing team that in less than an hour they got the x rays from my dentist in Atlanta and got me that same day and two hours later I was like a brand new man! Ready to get in time for the wedding and have a good impression! The entire office was a first class operation! I highly recommend Dr. Staller and her staff!