Don’t worry if you need a lot of work. Your smile will thank you, especially when you discover the brilliance a full-mouth restoration can uncover. We create an individualized plan of treatment for your full-mouth restoration, and each tooth will be healthier and more beautiful by the end. Your whole smile will feel complete and fabulous, no matter how much or how little work you need. And since the restoration is unique to you, you’ll only have the services you need – there is no one size fits all – approach to our dental services! The best part…all of this can usually be done in as little as two visits!

Dental patient testimonials


I live in Atlanta and had a wedding to go in Florida over weekend. I didn’t get the chance to do my cleaning and bleaching so I would feel better about myself before my best friend’s wedding. I knew it was going to be almost impossible to find a dentist to do this right away! I was hesitant because they always ask you for full mouth x rays, exam consultation first! I never expected that she had such an amazing team that in less than an hour they got the x rays from my dentist in Atlanta and got me that same day and two hours later I was like a brand new man! Ready to get in time for the wedding and have a good impression! The entire office was a first class operation! I highly recommend Dr. Staller and her staff!