It seems to always start with a little decay. Dental sealants are a proactive approach to halting decay in its tracks. Using a tooth-colored acrylic, Dr. Staller will apply the sealant to the surface of the tooth, “sealing” the deep grooves of the enamel, adding a protective barrier to areas of the tooth that regular brushing and flossing can’t reach. Sealants are quick to apply and are durable – many last several years under regular use before reapplication is required.

Dental patient testimonials


After having two different consultations with other doctors that recommended between 8 to 10 porcelain veneers for my cosmetic case, Dr. Staller told me something that I never expected to hear! She only recommended 4 porcelain veneers as a conservative approach! She told me my teeth are extremely healthy and the other teeth only needed minor adjustments. Here I was looking for somebody to give me the best price on 10. What really convinced me to go with Dr Staller were her final words: “Let’s try a conservative approach and if you not happy with the results we can always do the rest of the teeth”. Sure enough…her confidence with my treatment paid off! It’s been a year since she did my 4 veneers and nobody can tell! They look extremely natural and I’m thankful that she didn’t need to do anything else! I always heard Dr Staller was conservative but I wasn’t sure what that meant until I met her! I’m very happy I found her!!