Dental hygiene is at the core of great oral health. Our hygiene appointments focus on prophylaxis, the fancy name for professional dental cleanings. During this deep clean, the hygienist will remove plaque and tartar from between the teeth and on the enamel surface, brightening your smile and keeping it healthy. We use Cavitron, Piezo, and other sonic scalers to ensure a thorough cleaning. We also stress the importance of infection control, sterilizing every piece of reusable equipment and following all OSHA, EPA, and CDC recommendations. The care you take at home is just as important as the services the doctor performs and should be thoroughly understood. That’s why we emphasize home-cleaning routines – from how to brush and floss, to the toothbrush you should use – and are happy to answer any questions and make adjustments to your home-care habits.

Dental patient testimonials


After having two different consultations with other doctors that recommended between 8 to 10 porcelain veneers for my cosmetic case, Dr. Staller told me something that I never expected to hear! She only recommended 4 porcelain veneers as a conservative approach! She told me my teeth are extremely healthy and the other teeth only needed minor adjustments. Here I was looking for somebody to give me the best price on 10. What really convinced me to go with Dr Staller were her final words: “Let’s try a conservative approach and if you not happy with the results we can always do the rest of the teeth”. Sure enough…her confidence with my treatment paid off! It’s been a year since she did my 4 veneers and nobody can tell! They look extremely natural and I’m thankful that she didn’t need to do anything else! I always heard Dr Staller was conservative but I wasn’t sure what that meant until I met her! I’m very happy I found her!!