Dr. Staller is an artist and believes in the power of photographs. Pictures are one of the best ways to see what’s happening below the surface where the eye can’t detect. Our digital x-rays are high-resolution, providing accurate, detailed images of your current oral situation. Compared to traditional x-rays using film, digital x-rays expose you to less radiation and are easier to share. We want you to see exactly what is happening so you can make an informed decision about your care, and our digital x-rays do exactly that, as well as increasing the chances of early detection of complications.

Dental patient testimonials


After having two different consultations with other doctors that recommended between 8 to 10 porcelain veneers for my cosmetic case, Dr. Staller told me something that I never expected to hear! She only recommended 4 porcelain veneers as a conservative approach! She told me my teeth are extremely healthy and the other teeth only needed minor adjustments. Here I was looking for somebody to give me the best price on 10. What really convinced me to go with Dr Staller were her final words: “Let’s try a conservative approach and if you not happy with the results we can always do the rest of the teeth”. Sure enough…her confidence with my treatment paid off! It’s been a year since she did my 4 veneers and nobody can tell! They look extremely natural and I’m thankful that she didn’t need to do anything else! I always heard Dr Staller was conservative but I wasn’t sure what that meant until I met her! I’m very happy I found her!!